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Computers: influence on mankind


Anglų kalbos pranešimas. Introduction. Main Body. Industry. Education and Training. Protect Privacy. Trade. Legal Aspects. Mobility. Medical Service. Conclusion.


Every period of a human being existence had different names: Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. Stone Age means that the main implement of all human technology was stone, as well as in a Bronze Age it was bronze etc. Now we live in an age called Computer Age (sometimes it is called Information Age), so it is quite normal that the main implement of humanity today is computer and all related computer add-ons and its options.
Separately from other ages, Computer Age has some specifications non-related to any other ages. It is the first humanity period when it was invented something similar to a man. It was not invented by a chance (like Columbus found America), but insistently working on it. Computers and all related equipment/technology become a science called – Informatics.
According to this, talking about today’s science and technology progress today, firstly we should talk about computer technology development and what is more about the influence of computers progress on humanity.
Since the computer was invented, it had occupied all mankind working spheres. It was not a jump from zero to nowadays. It was a step-by-step progressing expansion.
Nowadays computers are found in: industry, education, trade, medical service etc. But every day you can find more and more computer using spheres, as it is still very progressive.
Let’s look through nowadays computer usage situation and through the influence on mankind.

Nowadays computers have become a necessary part of almost any professional field. They replace people and reduce the number of workplaces even further.
Employees who refuse to use a computer will have a problem to find a job. People have to accept technological progress and try to adapt (on their own and at their own expense). Computer technology has produced new occupations considered unthinkable a few years ago. Internet has produced a wide range of new positions, first of all for e.g. the Internet Provider and Homepage Publisher who design and continuously re-design homepages for companies. Many firms believe it is essential for their reputation to have their own homepage on the internet to present their products in an attractive way using the multiple opportunities of all the media. Internet thus offers an almost unlimited opportunity for new occupations; therefore new rules and laws have to be provided.
Besides that there is a growing number of computer-related occupations, opening up new opportunities, e.g. CAD-Designer, Developer, and Programmer.
Education and Training
To use the computer for educational purposes, it is important to know how to use it effectively. For young children there is a great variety of computer games which introduce them to using the computer without feeling inhibited by the new medium – as older people often are. There are innumerous educational programs available on the internet. It also contains a flood of information. You can even apply for a job via internet, thereby implying that you are familiar with the latest technological progress. Applying for a job via the virtual labor exchange or by contacting firms via their homepages will be used increasingly and is already very much part of arranging employment. Handicapped people can relate more freely with other people via the computer and they can even get a school-finishing degree. Even partially sighted people can learn to read and write on the computer, and there are manifold opportunities to make life easier for this group of people.
Protect Privacy
Often the privacy of the user is at risk. In the U.S. it is e.g. easy to gain detailed information via the social security number of employees. Personal data which are recorded by banks or insurance companies are not safe from being used by other users. Many people do not hesitate to give private information about themselves via the internet regardless of the consequences. Privacy seems to be regarded as a less important issue. The citizen is easily checked on. You can even find out where people are via scanner or mobile phone. You are able to research addresses, which can be displayed on city maps right away. Firms even offer global live recordings via internet from anywhere on the globe. The risk that other users have constantly access to your Life and property is increasing. Codes can be decoded easily in spite of all assurances they were safe – as proven recently by a high school student who decoded the code of T-online making it possible to use these services at the expense of another customer. ...

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