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Violent video games


pdf byla anglų kalba. Abstract. Introduction. Violent video games. Aggression. Addiction. Crime. Violent video games: positive aspects. Learning. Violent video games and linkage to aggression. Conclusions.


In 1972, a product was released to the American market that would open the door for the development of a multi-billion dollar industry. Pong, the first commercially available video game, had entered the homes of America. In Pong, 2 players tried to "hit" an electronic "ball" back and forth with electronic paddles. In less than 30 years, this humble beginning of the video game industry has grown into countless companies with annual sales totaling $ 20 billion worldwide.1The Play station video game console, which began as a side project at Sony, now represents$ 6 billion of the company’s $ 20 billion in annual sales.1 In recent years, video game annual sales have steadily been higher than movie ticket sales.2-4 The history of video games can be divided into 3 eras.5 The first era (1977-85) was the" Atari era", due to the fact that Atari consoles dominated the video game market. These first video games contained little violence. The little violence in these early games was quite abstract. Nolan Bushnell, the founder of Atari, said, "We had an internal rule that we wouldn’t allow violence against people. You could blow up a tank or you could blow up flying saucer, but you couldn’t blow uppeople".6 Another reason for the relatively low amount of violence in the early videogames was that the graphical ability of the Atari games was so low that only simple graphics could be displayed.
Over the next decade computers became more sophisticated, enabling more complex video game graphics. As graphics developed,
so did the potential for profits. Violence also began to appear more, even in children’s games. The second era (1985-95), also known
as the "Nintendo era", was dominated largely by Nintendo console games. The Nintendo console introduced a more powerful platform than its Atari predecessor and began introducing violent themes in numerous games. Even the Super Mario Brothers games included the capacity to destroy harmful creatures by jumping on top of them or by throwing fireballs at them.
The increased computing power of the second era consoles enabled more complicated graphics, including more realistic portrayals of
violence. It was also during this era that videogames became common on desktop computers and in hand-held mini-game systems such as Game Boy. As it became apparent to manufacturers that violent games sold well, the level of violence in the games also increased. ...

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