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Analysis of Old town building: Ausros street 18


Darbas anglų kalba. Pastatų apsauga ir atnaujinimas: seno pastato Aušros g. 18 analizė. Registration. Architectural evaluation. Cultural evaluation. Environment evaluation. Authenticity. Evaluation of the regeneration. Heritage evaluation. Roof evaluation. Walls evaluation. Doors, windows evaluation. Basements. Walls construction and material. Roof construction and material. Door types. Windows types. Building details. Roof details. Ornamentation, Murals. Elements of environment. Conclusions.


This neoclassicistic building built up in 1914 and has quite high architecture value and is a part of Vilnius Old Town red-roofs net structure. There are mostly used renaissance elements and some baroque details. Building facade is divided in two first and second floor parts which differs in its decoration. First floor part is quite calm, arranged by different size windows. Wall is decorated by horizontal lines decoration characteristic for renaissance. Second floor part is more detailed. Here are arranged typical renaissance windows with linear pediments over them and rectangular decoration elements. The roof is covered by typical Old Town tiling. Also it gas gateway renaissance style vaults.

Let’s look over the harmonization means used in facade. The main facade has clear symmetry axis which divides it in two parts supposed to be equal. It goes through the marked part of a building: arched entrance in the inner courtyard and the middle of a balcony with extended window. The second floor part line divides it in totally equal parts, but the first floor part has some obvious anomalies in windows sizes, especially the biggest ones do not fit in facade composition. The more authentic windows sizes are of that thee ones on the left side.

It is purposed to equalize facade according the axis of symmetry and reduce size of biggest windows. Or more over, change all first floor windows sizes according the sizes of most authentic windows sizes. ...

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  • Kursiniai darbai
  • 18 puslapių 
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  • D. Vrubliauskas
  • 2009 m
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