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Nemuno Delta Regional Park


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If you feel tired and want to relax from everyday worries and strained life you needn't go far away - you are sure to find quiet and delight in one of the most interesting places of Lithuania - the Nemunas Delta Regional Park. It was founded in 1992, striving to preserve the unique landscape of the delta of the Nemunas, its natural ecosystem and the values of cultural heritage. The area of the park stretches for more than 29,000 ha. It covers part of the delta of the Nemunas with the Ventė Cape, the island of Rusnė, the islands of Ragininkų and Galzdonų, Krokų Lankos Lake, the Aukstumalės, Rupkalvių and Medzioklės raised bogs. The territory of the regional park also encompasses Berstų, Zalgirių and Leitgirių forests. The eastern edge of the park comes close to the city of Silutė, the water territory of the Curonian Lagoon, 8-12 km in width, separates it from the Curonian Spit. The southern edge of the park runs along the Rusnė - thus the Nemunas is called down Pagėgiai from the Gilija branch. Still lower, at the island of Rusnė, it splits into two major branches-the Atmata and the Skirvytė.
The surface of the present regional park is a low plain, which was formed of river alluvial deposits. With the development of agriculture in the Nemunas basin, deforestation and erosion of larger areas, the deposition of sediments has increased continuously. They accumulated and settled in the delta plain the mouths of rivers, obstructed openings of some branches. Old river-beds that were broken loose and deposited turned into the line of searate lakelets (oxbow lakes). Delta deposits fenced off Krokp Lanka that once had been the bay and now has tu ńed into a lake. A similar fate also awaits the Kniaupo Bay. New islands (Briedzip Kubļliq, Triu"sip, Kiemo, Vito) were formed from river transport sediments. With these islands adjoining gradually the dryer land, the delta went on increasing and still increases. The delta became depressed in many places. The lowest place in Lithuania is just here - at Dumblio Lake (1.3 m below the sea level). ...

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