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The methodology of preparing a presentation in English


Introduction. Inventory. General requirements for making a presentation. Analyzing the first problem the paper deals with. Defining the cause of the problem. Theoretical ways of solving the problem. Analyzing the second problem the paper deals with. Defining the cause of the second problem. Theoretical ways of solving the second problem. Practical solutions of two main problems. Conclusions of the interview with 12th form pupils. Exercises useful for practicing of making a presentation. Conclusion.


The present paper focuses on the methodology of preparing a presentation in English and the main problems, which a pupil may face while making and presenting his /her topic.

To start with, I would like to define the main problems connected with this topic. Preparing for a presentation is not clearly understandable topic for most of the pupils at school and students in university. The main problems a person faces are:

1. How to make a good presentation{ the process of preparing it}
2. How to present a topic successfully

Such a word like presentation has a wrong meaning in understanding of the majority of pupils. In most schools and even universities among pupils and students exists such a myth that a presentation means getting some information and presenting it to an audience. They believe that it is enough to go to internet, to find a lot of information, it does not matter whether the information is necessary or unnecessary, it just should contain the topic they need, and present all this rough material to an audience. They make a big mistake thinking that their main responsibility in making a presentation is to get as much information as they can.

The second problem seems more serious for all pupils and students, because they clearly understand the thing they should present their topic before an audience, without any mistakes speaking foreign language and at the same time trying to attract the interest of an audience to their topic. Almost all the pupils are afraid of making a presentation before an audience, especially if it foreign language.

In general, pupils see as a problem only the second one, the first is not a problem for majority of them because they do not understand clearly, what this task requires from them.

The main aims of my paper are to find the decisions of these two main problems though some theoretical advices of famous writers and practical exercises, which will help to make it easier for a pupil or a student to prepare a successful presentation in English. My purpose is to answer the questions, which may arise during the analyzing of this topic.

I would like to begin my paper by giving some definitions of the word "presentation" from some serious English dictionaries, which will help to understand the real meaning of this word. ...

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