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Family Relationship


Family Relationship. Roles of members. Responsibilities. Living Space. Needs. Established Rules.


"Families shape the quality of our lives. Emotional links among family members stretch across households and decades, influencing our outlooks on life, motivations, and strategies for achievement, and styles for coping with adversity. Family relations are the earliest and most enduring social relationships. As a result, family life experiences deeply affect the competence, resilience, and well-being of each of us." (National)
The formative family influence is done from the first days in our life: on our value system, beliefs, understanding of what is right and what is wrong, moral standards, and norms – all these things forms in our first environment – family environment. It is not vainly said that people are the same as their parents: they hereditary the manners, behavior, character features, moral norms, values, traditions, and etc. So, basically you depend on your parents. Of course there are strong personalities who want to be different and lead a different life than their parents did or they had in their childhood. Such people want to change something what was bad or wrong, they want to lead the life according to them not following parents’ life standards and value systems.
"An important way to ensure family closeness is by creating special family traditions. While we all know every eats turkey on Thanksgiving, add something special to the day. "(Maureen) Some families also celebrate such events as birthdays, wedding anniversary, christening, school finishing events and others. Such events improve and depolarize the family relationships. Traditions in the family are one of the most valuable things in developing and creating good relationship among family members. Making birthday surprises and presents makes family members feel special and they feel that you do care and not forget about their special day, such things are pleasant to everyone. Such memories are not treasonable and they are kept in mind for a long time. ...

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