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Process of communication


Darbas apie bendravimo procesą ir efektyvų bendravimą bei bendravimo modelius. Summary. Introduction. The communication process. Models of communication. Effective communication. Conclusions. Recommendations.


The communication is very important and necessary for any person. The social point of a person is created in the process of intercourse. Unimpeachable working relations have great importance to success of business from ethical and cultural viewpoint with the consumers, suppliers, society, media and etc. inside in the organization. Effective communication is absolutely crucial to good management. You can't get the best out of people unless you can communicate effectively with them, and they with you.
Communication – is the main value in a human life. Communication is source of information. Communication is an active process in which one engages in determining meaning. Communication occurs within a context, which is understood to be experienced simultaneously across four dimensions: physical, social, psychological and temporal.
Communication can be considered as a personal process that involves the transfer of information and also involves some behavioral input. Communication is something people do. It does not exist without people taking some form of action. It has all to do with relationships between people. It can be very complex or very simple; very formal or informal- it all depends on the nature of the message to be passed, and on the relationship between the sender and receiver.
It consists of the transfer of information and understanding between parts and people in an organization, and the various modes and the various modes and media involved in communication interchanges. Effective communication therefore is critical to the success of an organization.
A message is delivered using a specific channel of communication within some specific context and it is the meaning that the receiver attaches to the message that determines its communication significance. Thus communication is an active process in which one engages in determining meaning. ...

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